Christmas Party

Christmas is one of the eagerly awaited festivals in which people wait impatiently for this time of the year. It’s filled with fun, gifts, carols, spreading the fragrance of fresh pine trees and the aroma of baked cookies, cakes everywhere! Christmas brings warmth and gives an appreciation to your near and dear ones. For those impatient enthusiasts, its time to gear up since Christmas is just around the corner and the time to be with your loved ones that have arrived. In order to make these moments more cherished, all you need is someone with an experience in this field, who will take care of every detail, without any flaws. ENFLOTRA has the expertise. We can organize an ideal Christmas party, picture perfect. We offer a superior way and source of cheerfulness and tranquility for this promising holiday season!The success of every party depends on its supplies. So it is obvious that Christmas parties too, needs great supplies like 15ft decorated Christmas trees, festive wreaths and of course, the mistletoe too! To add more zeal, our party planners can arrange for a theme party like having a surprise visit from Santa Clause, Christmas Open Houses and so much more, depending on your choice. We begin our Holiday Season the day after Halloween, ready to get twice dipped in GLITTER!

Besides decorations and theme parties, our party planners also are an expert in arranging a perfect Christmas Dinner. Our experienced chefs serve excellent delicacies especially for Christmas, like the Smoked Salmon served with Baby Spinach with Parsley Dressing, Roast Lamb with Red Wine, Roast Turkey with Sausages, Sage and Stuffing, etc for a non- vegetarian platter, our chefs offer up a menu with Stuffed Tortellini with Roasted pesto and tomatoes. Thus, ENFLOTRA helps you arrange a wonderful Christmas party within your budget, and making it a memorable event for you and your business or your family!