Welcome to ENFLOTRA

Event Professional Washington DC“When you align your personality with your soul, you will become the most powerful human being on earth. No one can touch you.”
– Oprah Winfrey

Based in Washington, D.C. ENFLOTRA strives to be the ultimate choice for our clients. With our artistic designs and chic presentations, we transform each client’s idea into their own social or business “signature.”

Whether you are a director of marketing and sales, a bride-to-be, a traveler looking to explore, or a host looking to hold the ultimate dinner party; ENFLOTRA specializes in making your dreams into a wonderful reality. Our knowledge and experience enables us to select from the best and most trusted vendors, caterers, designers and event professionals. Take a tour now to see all that ENFLOTRA has to offer.


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Under the ownership and management of Katherine Brooks, ENFLOTRA was created to bring life to our client’s dreams with our custom floral creations. For those of you who are suffering from vacation deficit disorder, our remedies are endless and exciting! Our travel services offer the best locations around the globe while saving you time and money – as well as a journey of a lifetime.

We understand that it may be difficult for some of our clients to meet with us during regular business hours, so we offer evening and weekend appointments upon request.