Katherine Brooks

What’s your idea of the perfect romantic weekend away?
Romance is not just about the little things. It’s so much more.

Romance for me is especially about the precious, private moments away, shared with your loved one. On a recent visit to the Washington DC area for the holidays. The shared longing for a place to go spontaneously, escaping the world together for just a little while.

Whether it is a quiet Bed and Breakfast out of town, or just a few hours’ drive up into the mountains, a short trip on a whim would seem genuinely romantic! Stopping at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor to share a root beer float brings back warm, memories.

What is the best road trip you’ve ever taken?

I had just moved into a new neighborhood, and one of my new neighbors invited me to travel with her on a weekend getaway to the World’s Longest Yard Sale (central US). What an experience! She was a geologist from California, and was well-traveled. I delighted in the taste of my first homemade fried apple pie and brought fresh jam from the Amish Community. A lifetime experience I will always treasure!

It was a delightful sensory overload!!!

What is your most memorable landmark you have ever seen?

The monuments in Washington DC are, without a doubt, absolutely incredible. My favorite is the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, grand in stature and all at once quite impressive, humbling and emotionally inspiring, no matter how many times you visit.

What is the one amenity that you love when checking in a great hotel?

A great breakfast menu! It is so refreshing to have any first class accommodations (like a gym), but a freshly cooked, gourmet breakfast is a precursor to a great day away from home.

If you could travel back in time, to any period in history, when and where would it be?

It would have been a great pleasure to be a part of the Birth of the Harlem Renaissance movement and living in Harlem, in New York during the 1930’s. To experience the first African-American stage play or to purchase a first edition copy of Langston Hughes’ first poems, would have been a spiritual awakening and personal joy to fill an entire lifetime.

What’s your favorite-on-a-budget weekend idea?

In Washington, DC, traveling on a subway, and in less than thirty minutes in most directions, walk off into history with just a few short steps from the trains. It is one of the most memorable historic places in the world, where you can go and be alone in your own adventure into history, but walk among all the nationalities of the world in present day DC. Include lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl for a great meal without busting your budget and you will have a total weekend experience for under $50!

What is your past time food favorite?

On a recent visit to Washington DC area for the holidays, my cousin Shavonne blessed me with a food stop at the Baltimore Harbor for some fresh seafood and my favorite meal of Chicken Wings with Mumbo Sauce.

My taste buds were in heaven!